A bunch of blurry pictures

I have no idea why these first two pictures came out so blurry (and I didn't take the third one), but these were my best effort to get pictures of G. and L. in the dresses I made them.  A long time ago, I resigned myself to never winning an award for "Best Photography" on the blog. 

I tried to get them to stand next to each other, but they would have none of it.


One of the weekend activities for A. and P. was a hike with some friends through an area forest preserve.  This was a particularly swampy, wet trail and both girls came home soaked to above their knees.  They loved it!  I am particularly amused by this picture. If you click on it you will be able to see the expressions on everyone's faces... the water was cold.

P. in the pink stripes and A. in the green stripes

And I think I have figured out my sewing problem that I whined wrote about on Saturday, so if you're bored to tears by my constant blathering about sewing, I give you permission to move on to another blog at this point.  But if you are dying of curiosity to know what went wrong, read on.

I found what I think my solution is at the blog, Vintage Girl, and the post where she writes about choosing a pattern size.  It seems that I really was cutting out too large a size based on using the wrong measurements. Also, I need to be more careful about looking at how much ease is added in to the pattern and measure the pattern pieces to be sure they are going to fit me like I expect them to.  With the dress I gave up on, the picture on the cover appears to have very little ease, but when I did the math and realized that pattern had over four inches of ease added it's no wonder that it seemed far baggier than I was expecting.  After I finish the bunch of children's sewing projects on my list, I think I will be up to trying to sew something for myself.  But this time, I'll measure the pattern pieces and make a muslin just to be sure it fits before cutting into the real fabric.


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