Monday, May 30, 2011

And then there were 12

For the next week we are a family of 12, along with one dog.  A young friend of ours (we'll call her EM) and her dog, Will, are staying for the week while her parents are away.  Everyone is most excited.  K. is especially excited because he loves Will-the-dog and every time K. sees him, he invites Will to come over and play.  Having Will stay the week is his wildest dream come true.

So, now I will return to our crazy-busy Memorial Day.  It's all fun stuff... especially the part where P19 returns home from Uganda... but there's just a lot of fun stuff all on the same day.

I hope you all have an enjoyable Memorial Day, and I offer a huge thank you to all the service people and their families who sacrifice so much for all of us.

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