Friday, May 06, 2011

Adoption non-update

The trouble with blogging about an adoption in the paperchasing phase is that there is nothing to write about.  It involves periods of insane business as I try to collect all the necessary paperwork as quickly as possible followed by incredibly long periods where nothing happens and over which I have no control.  I am kept so busy most of the time that I have not been spending inordinate amounts of time worrying about it, but it is always in the back of my mind.

Well, I've decided that we need some forward movement.  Would you all please join in praying with me for these specific things:

1.  That our home study be finished and that our agency approves it.
2.  That the woman in charge of approving home studies for DCFS is compelled to approve it quickly.
3.  That the INS moves quickly in granting us our immigration approval.

These are the three steps which have to happen before the dossier can be submitted and over which I have no control.  I will be starting to collect the rest of the dossier documents in the coming week so those are ready the second we receive INS approval.  (That I do have some control over and I am confident that I can collect these without a lot of bother.  Boy, I hope that confidence isn't misplaced!)

And lastly if you would continue to keep H. in your prayers... that God would prepare her to join our family and that He would provide comfort and healing to her.  It is probably good that she will not be informed of the adoption until we have travel approval because it is too difficult for a child to understand a long, drawn-out wait.  Our children at home have enough difficulty understanding it.  K. is so cute.  He likes to point to the pictures of H. we have around the house and announce, "That's H.  She is my new sister!"  The little girls are starting to recognize her picture as well, though they have yet to say her name.

And here's a new picture to share with you.  (Because of her age and country, I am leery of posting very many, but I think it is helpful to see who you are praying for every now and then.)


Shonya said...

I am praying for you and Miss H! I so understand the "hurry up and wait" aspect of adoption.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting how God works. I was just praying this morning for H. and the needed paperwork to be approved without ANY hitches and in a timely manner!
Blessings to you,
Kim Crawford

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