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or any excuse for a new dress.  Since it was Palm Sunday yesterday and the children in our church march in a palm processional, I thought it seemed like a good reason to make them (my little girls, not the palms) new dresses.  Here they are in their new togs (L. in purple trim, G. in red):

L. showing off the matching bloomers.  She also liked her bit of palm frond.

And because it's a bit difficult to see what the dresses actually look like on two moving children.  Here is a picture of just the dresses:

The print is of a vintage drawing of children painting eggs.

The other thing I did yesterday was to create a pattern block of a pair of pants to fit M.  Well, I hope they fit M.; I've never done this before.  Being a strong believer in the theory that if I read how to do something in a book, I should be able to do it myself, I dove in following the pretty detailed directions in Design-it-Yourself Clothes: Patternmaking Simplified.   This is our spring break and I have great sewing plans, fussing with this pattern being one of them.  (If you're wondering why I'm doing this, it's because M. has very long legs and it is extremely difficult to find pants which fit her correctly.  Part of it has to do with desperation!)

(Boy, I didn't look at this photo before I uploaded it.  The pattern is upside down.)

And in my continuing quest to prove to everyone that life around here is not perfect, I present the handiwork of someone, we're are not sure who.  When we asked G., she immediately said her sister's name, and when we asked L., she did a magnificent shrug as if to say, "Markers?  I don't know what they are... I've never seen them before."  Thankfully, whoever it was focused on the face and missed the dress and the marker washed off (somewhat) easily.

I keep getting asked questions about bees, which I have no idea how to answer, so have to ask B.  The most recent question was:  "How do bees make the wax?"  The answer is that they have wax-making glands and that they secrete it.

I have an article about homeschooling high school up at The Homeschool Village.  And, for anyone who's interested, I posted links to my other writing in my sidebar.  For some of the those articles, the more clicks they get, the closer I come to earning some extra money... so click away.


LawMommy said…
I am in awe of your sewing abilities...

This week I am contemplating trying to turn a king size pillowcase into a standard size pillowcase...and I am not kidding when I say this will stretch my sewing abilities. (I was inspired to try this by the fact that we have twelve king size pillowcases in our closet that we never use, and four standard size pillows on our bed that need new cases. And I was incensed by the price of pillowcases...)
Lucy said…
That first shot of "L" is a real stunner. Beautiful blue eyes!

Love the dresses, that fabric is so cute.
TJC said…
Oh, sure, "wax-making glands"! That's going to be B's answer for everything now: How do bees make honey? "Honey-making glands." How do bees make more bees? "Bee-making glands." How does B make bread? "Bread-making glands".
thecurryseven said…
I have been informed that I gave an incomplete description of how beesmake bees' wax. The bees take the slivers of wax from the gland (there's no delicate way to say that), then they soften it in their mouth and then pack it where they're building in the hive.

And Tad... I'm sure B. would much prefer a bread-making gland. Think of all the time it would save him!


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