Thursday, April 28, 2011

Twin things

Decorating eggs -- G.


I've been meaning to write about this for a few days.  Watching G. and L. grow and develop is so interesting because of the added relationship between the two girls.  I don't ever get tired of watching them interact.  Plus we now have the added entertainment of them both acquiring language.  G.  has been talking up a storm for a while now, but L. has started to get in on the game as well.  I find it particularly cute that they now say each other's name. 

Of course, this also adds some complications.  G. has become very concerned with what things belong to which girl.  (L. does not seem to share her concern... perhaps because it seems that L. thinks of everything as hers.)  If we give G. the wrong cup or shoes, she will shout, "No! L.!" over and over.  It took us a few times of this to realize that she was complaining that we were giving her something that belonged to L. and not her own.  When this happened with shoes, I at first mistook G. to mean that L.'s shoes were, 'eww'.  But, really it meant that G. can't pronounce the 'sh' on the beginning of 'shoe' and that she was saying, "L.'s shoes".

Having them look quite a bit a like is also interesting.  All of us will still mistake one for the other occasionally, depending on what they are wearing and how fast we look at them.  (This doesn't happen very often, though.)  The thing I find most interesting is that they don't seem to know they look similar.  Each of them will correctly identify the other if asked who the other is.  G. will say L.'s name and L. will say G.'s name.  But we discovered, if they are looking in a mirror and are asked who is in the mirror, they will never say their own name, but the other's. I'm wondering at what point this will stop and they will start to recognize their reflection as them self.

They are such sweet, funny girls; I enjoy them immensely.  And it's a good thing they have become such good sleepers, because when they are awake they are busy, busy, busy.  Opening drawers, helping themselves, trying to do many things for themselves.  And what one doesn't think-up, the other does.  Someone always needs to be on G. and L. duty to keep an eye on what they're up to. 

But we are so, so blessed to have them.  And now they can blow kisses.


Ms. X said...

A lady I know who has twins told me one always had a wider face than the other. That held true for twins I roomed with in college, and it seems to hold for your girls as well. Based on the pictures, G has a wider face than L.

I'm sure ya'll figured that out a long time ago ;-) but it's interesting to me that I think I can tell them apart in just the pictures based on that.

thecurryseven said...

Ms. X -- Yes, that is exactly the difference. So when they're together, it is very easy (I think) to tell them apart. But, it is when they are alone that we sometimes make a mistake. They each have a very distinct personality which also aids in indentification and why I find it so much more difficult to tell them apart in photographs.


Shonya said...

Precious! My mom had a daycare in her home and we had two sets of twin girls which was so much fun. I've always wished to have twin girls, but it just hasn't happened. Enjoy them! :D

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