Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stopping to be thankful

Some days it's good just to stop and be thankful.  This is especially true when it feels as though there has been a whole string of things that could be the cause of a very bad week.  So...
  • Instead of being disappointed that several people have been under the weather during our spring break (and a little too full of goo), I will be thankful that we have easy access to medicine for the girl who has moved into ear infection territory.
  • Instead of being annoyed that the dryer quit working for a day, I will be thankful that J. was able to fix it cost free.
  • Instead of being worried and anxious about the paperwork to bring H. home, I will be (super) thankful that I have received several pictures of her enjoying a BBQ in the woods and dying Easter eggs.
  • Instead of being upset with the weather (snow in April?!), I will be thankful that today is a much better day and boys with too much energy can be outside.
  • Instead of being tired of the endless diapers, I will be thankful that I have the children that cause the need of them.
  • Instead of being angry at the high cost of gas, I will be thankful that I have a van which can carry us all.
  • Instead of becoming stressed about all that needs to be done for my family to celebrate Easter, I will be eternally thankful that we have a savior who conquered death and gives us a reason to celebrate.


Jenny said...

Amen! Sounds like you are having a 'Thankful Thursday' too =)

TJC said...

Thanks, E. I needed some perspective at this particular moment!

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