Saturday, April 09, 2011

Evidently it's disturbing when it looks as though the world ends

Dinner is going to be late tonight because we all took a family walk in the late afternoon.  The weather has been changing and there was an odd fog rolling in and J. thought it would be fun to go and see what it looked like by the lake.  So, we piled the little girls into the stroller and took off toward the lake.  Evidently we weren't the only ones with the same idea as we ran into quite a few people we knew.

The lake looked interesting.  Well, the beach near the lake was interesting, you couldn't see the water at all unless you were right up to the water's edge.  It was as if someone had taken a giant eraser and rubbed out everything that wasn't in front of you.  It wasn't as eerie away from the water because you could still make out enough to see where the horizon was.  Buildings and trees helped to anchor you in space.  But on the beach, without those things, it was if the world just ended... or faded away.  It distressed G. and L. and they started to cry.  Once we moved off the beach, they were happy once again.

It was a pleasant walk.  The sun even made an appearance at the end and we could even feel its warmth a little bit.  Everyone pitched in to get dinner made and its now baking in the oven.  It will be a late dinner, even for us who tend to eat late.  But I have to remind myself that sharing time together and creating family memories and just enjoying each other are often more important than sticking to my self-imposed schedule.  Especially when I'm the only one disturbed by the lateness of a meal.  So, instead of getting all worked up over what I didn't do, I will take a lesson from my family and spend some time relaxing while dinner cooks.  A far better way to prepare for the Lord's Day, don't you think?

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