Time for boys

Sometimes the young boys in the house get a bit overlooked being between twin girls and older siblings who are involved in various interesting projects.  So here is post just for them.  The occasion?  Fresh haircuts.  The situation had become dire with hair well past eye level.  Various sister's offers to pull it back in a pony tail were met with scorn.  I am probably the only mother of a large family who does not cut her own children's hair.  Or anyone else's for that matter.  I will trim the occasional ends on long girl's hair, but boys' cuts are beyond me.  I am quite happy to let someone else do it.

So here they are:  TM, D. and K. who are no longer doing sheepdog imitations and who now look as though they have parents who care about them.  Handsome, huh?  And I think TM is looking so much older these days.  Being 8 1/2 will do that to a person.


asian~treasures said…
Handsome, for sure! And, love that K is itching (?) his tummy. : )
MamaPPod said…
I for one thought that M looked really cute with his longish hair. But, then, he's not my son, is he?! He had sort of a California surfer dude look he was sporting as of last Wednesday. Probably not the look you were aiming for, pre-haircut. And most certainly not the look, or the attitude you were looking for. But, I kind of liked it. Both M and D look very grown up with their new cuts. Just please, ask them to stop! Before you know it, they will be the ones heading off to college - and that is just SO VERY WRONG!!!


PS - we're at 65 more days and counting until a certain young lady returns :-)

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