Saturday, March 05, 2011

Thirteen years old

Today is A.'s thirteenth birthday.  How did that happen?  How did my cute, adorable, and very strong-willed little pony-tailed girl become a lively, charming, and determined young adult?  Well, however it happened, that's what she did.  And what privilege do 13 year old girls have in our family?  It is the age where they can get their ears pierced if they so desire.  And A. desired.

A.'s good friend, P12, waited for A. so they could get their ears pierced together.  (The P. family allows ear piercing at 12.)  So this morning, P12 and her mother and A. and I went to have the deed done.  After signing more forms than you would think necessary, earrings were chosen and ears were pierced.  To make it more celebratory, we all went out to lunch together.  For how often any of us eat in restaurants, this definitely counts as a treat.

The celebrations will continue, and I'm sure there will be more pictures to share on Monday.

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