Show business

It's tech week once again in The Big Ugly House.  That means my two older children are gone for a big chunk of day.  It also means I have 5 additional little people here.  My contribution to the rehearsal process is to watch the small P family people so that their mother can go and work on the amazing costumes.  The small people bring their schoolwork and join us in whatever project we are working on.  I bet they don't know they will be heading to the South Pacific with us each day.  Tech week also means (recently) that at least one of my children will change their hair color.  Yesterday, M. changed from blond:

To light brown:

It's not permanent, but we learned from B. in the last show that it does take a few weeks to fully wash out.  The reason behind the change of hair color?  Well, it seems that ever since B. grew taller than his older sister, the two of them look remarkably like twins.  Over the past year, this is a recurring question for the two of them.  For the director, this is a bit awkward, hence the change of hair color.

Please come see the show.  It's The Diary of Anne Frank... Friday and Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.  Either head to the Thin Ice Theater facebook page or email me for more details.
Finishing update:  I realize that part of my problem is that I do not multi-task... I'm not good at it, I don't enjoy it, and it makes me feel frazzled.  Focusing on finishing tasks instead of leaving them strewn about this house is causing me to think carefully before I begin something.  Plus, it is also helping me to think about what "finishing" a task looks like.  Because, the laundry is never finished.
One other event notice... this one is a bit last minute.  A friend and I are hosting a series of evenings to view and discuss Nancy Campbell's teaching video, Reclaiming God's Plan for Women.  The first session is tonight at my home and is titled, Reclaiming Marriage.  Email me if you would like to join us and need more details.


Jamie said…
Hi there jumping over form the HHH.Your daughters hair looks very nice.GOOD JOB!!!!
now I am off to read your blog.

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