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Our crayon collection has become rather pathetic recently.  Most of the crayons are broken and nearly all are dull.  I hate to throw them out because they still color, but they are not very satisfying to use.  That's why I was so excited to find a tutorial explaining how to make new crayons.  I had everything we needed to do it, the only thing stopping me was that I was a little hesitant to use one of good pans.  That problem was solved yesterday when I found a small pan for $1.50 at the thrift store.  I had been wanting a dedicated non-food-craft-pan for a while so I was happy to have remembered to look for one.

It was fun to watch our crayons go from this:

To this:

And finally to this:

Aren't they pretty?  They are all shiny and pretty and look brand-new.  And who doesn't love crayons in the shapes of shells and hearts?  Since I only have two molds, we're doing two colors a day.  Today was pink hearts and green shells.

And poor, poor G.!  She was playing outside yesterday and tripped and skinned her face on the driveway.  The whole left side of her face is scratched and bruised and swollen.  She looks like a prize fighter after a match.
I have a new article published.  Click the link to read a brief article about when we adopted K:  Our Adoption Journey


asian~treasures said…
Love these!!!
We've also used a "crayon only" muffin tin & a 250 degree oven...good for a cold, winter day. : )
Contessa Kris said…
We gathered all our stray broken crayons recently as well. We've bagged them into color groups and now just need to make the new crayons. Was thinking of pouring the melted wax into those thin ice cube trays meant for making ice for water bottles? Then they'd be like tall crayons. Just hoping it doesn't melt it. lol We've added glitter to our new crayons before.

Visiting from HHH!
That is ssssoooo funny! We did this very thing today! LOL!
Stevens Family said…
Same as Sheri, we've done the crayon muffin tins. We did all kinds of fun color combos like fall colors, girlie colors and rainbow. So fun! Ours weren't nearly as cute though.
Erica said…
Love this idea!
MissMOE said…
Oh sorry your daughter got hurt. Hopefully she's feeling better soon. I love the new crayons!

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