More birthday

Why is it that there is always at least one weekend a month that acts as a magnet for all activities?  This was one such weekend.  (Actually, it's just one of those months.)  Besides A.'s birthday, other events included our Families with Children from Vietnam group's Tet party.  This year the lion dancers came early and everyone could get a close-up view of the lions.  K. loved them in the past, but wasn't so sure of them this year, especially up close.  He did want to see them dance and kept asking when the monsters were coming.

G. and L. also enjoyed the party.  G. was transfixed by the girls performing Vietnamese folk dancers and I probably paid more attention to her and watching her try to copy the hand movements than I did the dancers.  L., on the other hand, perked up when the drum started and the lion dancers came out.  They are just very different girls.

And here are a couple of pictures from A.'s birthday which we finally celebrated yesterday.

She chose chocolate mayonnaise cake for her birthday cake.  She also had the saddest collection of birthday candles on her cake.  I guess it's time to splurge and invest in some new ones.  (Yes, I know that reusing birthday candles is probably a false economy.  But at least this way I always have some on hand.  It is one item I could see me easily forgetting each birthday.)

And here is A. with one of her presents.  Grammy gave her a stack of patterns... I imagine they will keep her busy for a while.

One March birthday down, two to go...


Anonymous said…
We always reuse birthday candles. I am found that the Hanukkah candles are larger and last a lot longer. I can get them on sale for $1 for apr 48 candles and the box is a variety of colors. They sell the candles at most food stores in Skokie during the season.

LawMommy said…
Happy Birthday, A!

(We reuse birthday candles as well...) (Often because I forget to buy new ones...)

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