K. turns five today

Today is K.'s birthday and I can hardly believe he is turning five.  What's more he can tell you he is turning five!  It's been an amazing three years as we've watched this little one blossom and grow.  I wouldn't be telling you the whole story, though, if I didn't add that I do have moments of worry and panic about his future.  When I see him with other American-born children his age, it is very apparent that he is still delayed.  I wonder if he will ever catch-up and wonder what the future holds for him.  I worry I am not doing enough to help this little boy reach his full potential.  And I still have moments of anger.  Anger that he had to stay in that orphanage so much longer than necessary where he didn't grow and didn't develop.

But these moments are fleeting when I look back on how far he has come.  Having G. and L. around highlights for me exactly how far behind he was when we brought him home.  I guess I didn't fully appreciate how little he was.  The girls now, at nearly 6 months younger than K. was when he came home, are 10 pounds heavier.  Their language skills are at the place where K. was a full year after arriving home and they can do things we had to teach K. to do.

K. is working hard to catch-up.  His language is complex and constant.  Not only can he tell you how old he is, he was able to choose what he wanted for his birthday dinner.  Something else he couldn't do last year.  I've told you about how he can now ride his tricycle and he can walk the 1/2 mile to church under his own steam.  He continues to grow and gain weight, and, at least for the moment, still outweighs his baby sisters.

So we will celebrate tonight.  We will be having bacon and onion pizza, chocolate mayonnaise cake and ice cream... and presents.  K. has been very concerned already this morning that someone needs to wrap his presents.  He is also well aware of his birthday, even if the language sometimes escapes him... he has spent the morning wishing everyone a happy birthday.

Happy 5th Birthday, K.!
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asian~treasures said…
Happy 5th Birthday, K!!
sandwichinwi said…
Happy Birthday, K!!

He sounds SO much like my Sunshine!! I can just imagine what a blessing he is to your family!!


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