How can I possibly be the mother of an 18 year old?

It doesn't seem right, but since today is M.'s birthday and she turned 18, there it is.  And a particularly nice 18 year old she is.  I think I would be just a little more angst-ridden over it all if she were going far away to school (sorry Mom, I know that's what I did) or heading to Africa (I've watched P18's mom deal with that) next fall.  Instead she will be living 25 minutes south.  Just close enough to laundry, but not so close that she will bump into me everyday.  (Though she might bump into J. on a regular basis.)  I want to go on the record to say I will still miss her.

We will celebrate tomorrow night since her day is pretty booked up, what with mid-terms, papers, presentations, and concerts.

Happy birthday, M.!
Giveaway winner (and yes, Sandwich, you were entered) is Sara who wrote:  I like the little pencil used to make the little book :) And I did some research on the book you're giving away, it sounds great!

But Sara... in order for me to send you the books, I need to be able to contact you.  Could you please send me your information using the email address in my sidebar?


sandwichinwi said…
Thanks, e! Sorry to clutter up all your comments ;D


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