Wednesday, March 30, 2011

God's protection

Yesterday afternoon, I was calmly catching-up on the ironing, babies were napping, and everyone else was entertaining themselves quite nicely, when I heard a crash and what sounded like something shattering.  This would have been concerning enough, but when it is followed by a high-pitched scream yelling, "Mommy!", I know it is not good and is one of the few things that will cause me to run.  When I arrived in the boys' room I saw that the large window in the front of their room had completely broken when D. accidentally fell into it, both palms first.  His hands were trapped there in what were essentially glass handcuffs.  It's amazing how many different thoughts can flit through one's mine in the space of a second.  Having discarded the options of panic, worry about paying for the window, getting upset at two boys who would play so roughly a window was broken, my brain kicked into to gear and fully realized what a dangerous situation D. was in.  I settled on caring for the injured (or potentially injured) as my first course of action.

Miraculously, D. was unhurt; he just has one very small scratch.  I was able to carefully lift the glass from off and around his arms so he could remove his hands from the window.  As I did this, I fully realized how close he had come to a real disaster.  D. hit the window palms first, with what had to be real force based on how his hands ended up.  If it had been summer, and the storm window hadn't been down, I'm quite sure the rickety window screen would not have stopped his movement forward.  It is a low and large window, just a foot off the floor.  It would have been very easy for him to be propelled out of it.  And since I feel a little ill just at the thought, I'll move on.  D. also did not panic and try to pull his arms back out once he stopped moving.  (If you know my son, awareness of his body in space is not a strength and he often runs and flings himself about without fully thinking about what he is doing.)  Instead he stood there, absolutely still until help came.  Had he tried to pull his hands away, he would have been sliced to shreds, particularly on the wrists where most of the glass was pointing.  I'm pretty sure that we would have been calling 911 it would have been so bad.  Also, he could have lost his balance and fell upon the large pointed pieces of glass which would not have been good either.

But, D.'s angels were surely watching over him yesterday and we are so thankful that God protected our little boy. 

If you're curious, D. and TM were playing a game where each of them had super powers... D. was pretending that he could fly.


Anonymous said...

PRaise God for his protection!!!!

Debbie Robinson said...

God is our Protector! Amen!!!

alison said...

thanking the Lord along with you that He protected your son from serious harm...i bet you had trouble falling asleep last night reliving the whole incident and the 'what could've happened'...did you check for more grey hairs in the mirror this morning?


stuff and nonsense

Jamey... said...

Thank goodness that he's okay. We've had a few close calls ourselves over the years. My 4 year old is now strong enough to push our windows open since the locks don't hold. I've been meaning to buy some "window wedges" so that the windows won't open all the way and I've been (lazily) putting it off. After reading this post I'm going to order them right now.

Cuppa Jo said...


Trembling while reading . . . praising our Father for His GREAT LOVE.

KelleyO said...

Thank God he is okay. That is so scary!

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Busy busy angels at your house yesterday. Thank God. Truly, thank you God, for the miracle of protection in a really scary situation.

Pippin said...

I started literally hyperventilating...
I'm so, so thankful that God was watching over him!

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