I'm continuing to be challenged by Nancy Campbell's 100 Days of Blessing.  This morning's reading was about attitudes, specifically about not being a slave to one's emotions, but choosing thankfulness and Christ's joy.  As so often happens, it was particularly pertinent for today.  G. and L. had a horrible night, one up after another, and it certainly felt as though very little sleep happened from about 2am on.  (This may be a second pot of coffee day.)  Then, after I thought J. had left for work, I hear his voice in the kitchen.  He had returned because the "Stop Driving Now!" light came on in his car.  The car we had in the shop over the weekend for a not-cheap repair.  He is now off to take the car back in and then slowly trudge to school on public transportation.  (I need the van to schlep the 11 children in my house around this afternoon.)  It could be so easy to let myself grumble and complain.  And we all know what happens to the tone of the household when Mama ain't happy, don't we?

So, I'm going to take Mrs. Campbell up on her challenge and I'm going to smile, though I must confess the first ones may be through gritted teeth.  I'm going to be thankful I have two beautiful girls to keep me up at night and that we own a second car to break down.  But I still think I'll need the second pot of coffee.


Cuppa Jo said…
1. I'm getting that book.
2. We've adopted some of your family dinner rules - especially the one about not advertising loudly and with vigor when one doesn't especially like the meal being served. Zane even said, "Mom, I tried it. And it's not for me, but I will sit quietly. May I have some chicken noodle soup?" He knew not to complain or he'd sit there with nothing. IN his defense, I try new wacky stuff all the time - and the seasonings on my most recent adventure were a bit different.


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