Thursday, February 03, 2011

Year of the Cat

I know, two posts in one day, but I realized that I was about to let the lunar year pass without comment.  We aren't doing anything special today, but on Sunday we're combining watching the Super Bowl with friends with a joint Chinese New Year/Tet celebration.  We'll watch the game (well, some will watch the game, I'll bring some knitting), then we'll have Chinese and Vietnamese food and light some sparklers... or something.  How's that for a culturally integrated event?

I'll also be celebrating having another article published.  This time it is about the Vietnamese neighborhood in Chicago which is located on and around Argyle Street.


Jason said...

Nice article. I've been wanting to try Ba Le. I've been obsessed with Bahn Mi sandwiches since discovering them at Nhu Lan a few months ago. Have you tried Nhu Lan? Any comparisons?

JBC said...

J. here--I go to Nhu Lan (2612 W. Lawrence) regularly from my office. They do excellent bahn mi! I think theirs might be closer to what we had in Hanoi than Ba Le. -- Nhu Lan didn't make it into E.'s article because it's too far from the Argyle neighborhood!

sandwichinwi said...

Hope you're rooting for the PACKERS!!!


Sandwich (in WI, remember! :) )

thecurryseven said...

Um, Sandwich... we also live in the Chicago area. I'm not sure we're allowed to root for the Packers. There's probably some sort of city tax if we do. :-)


(Of course this whole discussion assumes that I even care about the outcome of a football game. People should be very impressed I even know who is playing in the superbowl. I don't think I did last year.)

sandwichinwi said...

E, OF COURSE I know you live in the Chicago area. That's why I knew you'd want to root for the HOME team--not that team way out on the east coast!



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