Still digging out of my hole

Today is going to be a busy day, which is good.  Perhaps it will help jump start my emotional system into functioning appropriately again.  Please pray that it does because if I feel like this for a year... well, it won't be good. 

So what's on the docket today?  Well, I've already made a vegetable calzone for B. to take to his bee keeping class.  (There is a potluck lunch which he needs to bring something to.)  Then I need to drive B. downtown to the class and come home by way of the fabric store (dangerous!)  Tonight is the father-daughter dance that J. and his girls have attended for several years now.  But the dress that A. is going to wear fits her beautifully, but is bit too long.  It is a ball gown and has a tulle overlay on the skirt which for the life of me I can't figure out how to hem.  Instead of hemming, I'm going to pull it up on the sides and make it scallop across the front, but I need silver ribbon to do that.

After coming home, laundry (which I have successfully ignored for the past two days -- the basement is not a cheery place and not one I'm drawn to when I'm already feeling blue) and sewing will be the focus.  My poor, ignored Etsy store has an order, but I need to remake a pattern.  Oh, and making some spaghetti sauce will need to happen as well.

There you go, my exciting Saturday and possible the dullest post in the history of this blog.


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