Saturday, February 19, 2011

A new spring skirt for A.

Having learned my lesson the last time I tried to make a skirt for A., I made a trial run of this pattern before cutting into the expensive fabric. A while back, A. and I found some soft corduroy that she liked and I agreed to make her a skirt out of it. Last week I realized if I didn't get it made soon, the season for wearing corduroy would have passed and she'd have to wait a year to wear it.  But first I wanted to make a test skirt.  I used some fabric that I bought as a thrift store and which A. decided she really liked.  So, now she has a spring skirt and I'll make the winter one next week.

The pattern I was using was not written for the novice sewist.  The instructions included steps such as "neaten edge" and "insert zipper", assuming the reader would know how to do these things.  It made me really glad I took that zipper class last fall, because now I am able to "insert zipper".  In fact, I had to decide which of the three ways I learned.  I settled for a lapped zipper this time.

It's still such a new skill that I am always a little surprised and pleased when it works like it is supposed to.


Erica said...

That looks super cute. I love sewing but I'm still on a fairly novice level so I'm afraid a zipper is far above me!

lilypadworkshop said...

So cute!

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