Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mooching meals across the midwest

On Sunday we began our trip home.  Our first stop was brunch at a virtual friend's home.  The family is a homeschooling family and one of their children was adopted from Vietnam.  I have corresponded with the mother of the family over the past few years and we have become email friends.  It was wonderful to meet in person and become real life friends.  The only problem with virtual friends becoming real friends is that often these friends live far away and the chances to actually see each other are few.  We enjoyed brunch together and the adults were able to visit while all the children played games.  Their children are charming and everyone hit it off wonderfully.  This visit alone was worth the trip.

After brunch, we piled in the car again and continued west for a few hours.  Our next stop was at J.'s aunt and uncle's house where we took another break and had dinner together.  J.'s aunt is also a potter and so we spent some time down in her studio watching how a potter's wheel is used.  (TM now has an absolute burning need to use one.)  It's always nice to visit there and it was another nice break to our drive.  Plus, look at the teapot (made by J.'s aunt) I came home with:

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Anonymous said...

We were grateful to share a meal with your family. Thank you for your kind remarks. It was a joy to finally meet in person.
A Virtual, now Real Friend. It will be a joy to now refer to you as a friend instead of just my "web friend" when I share your blog with others!
K.C. from Ohio :)

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