Got blizzard?

Even if you don't live in the Chicago area, you've probably heard about the extreme, life-threatening blizzard with thunder storms and lakefront flooding with 18 to 20 foot waves that are being forecasted for the next 24 hours.  The hype is quite extraordinary and this is from someone who doesn't even have a television to watch.  Well, we will probably get snow, but I'll believe the blizzard part when it actually arrives.  It won't be the first time that extreme weather was predicted and the reality failed to live up to the hype.  Either way, though, it will be a snow day for everyone tomorrow... everything that was on my calendar from this afternoon through tomorrow has been cancelled due to the weather.  B. is thrilled since he scored a big, well-paying snow shovelling job for the next two weeks and it looks as though he will have plenty of opportunities to earn quite a bit of cash.

If there is a blizzard, we're set.  The pantry is full, we have plenty of candles and flashlights, and I stocked up on pain relievers yesterday seeing as how we are still the plague house.  We even have plans for spending our time.  A. picked-up her knitting again the other day and ever since then D. and TM have been after me to teach them to knit.  Wednesday will be perfect for that since I will need a long stretch of uninterrupted time (and a bit of patience) to hold knitting lessons with a pair of 7 and 8 year old boys.  I wonder if I will question the wisdom of arming said boys with long pieces of pointy metal...


Jessica said…
This winter the storms that were supposed to be 1-2 inches turned out to be over 6....this "historic" storm is not living up to its hype here in coastal CT. But I am thankful. We have had our fair share of Mother Nature's generosity!
SAHMinIL said…
Like you I'm waiting for it come before I'll believe it!!! I'm thinking it's mostly HYPE!
Stevens Family said…
How bad did you get hit? We got about 6 inches in Topeka.

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