Father-Daughter Dance

Saturday night was the annual Father-Daughter Dance that J. and the three older girls have loved attending.  Here they are all dressed up before heading out the door.

J. and P.

J. and M. (with L. sneaking into the picture)

The theme was a masquerade and M. made masks for everyone.  Here is how hers looked with her dress.

J. and A.

M. worked so hard on her mask and it turned out so well that it deserves its own picture.

I finally took some time this weekend to clean-up the blog a bit.  The sidebar needed to be decluttered... I removed some things and added one.  I also updated some of the photos in the Cast of Characters and added H.  Thursday Homeschool Resource Day is cancelled until further notice.  The free linky service I was using is now going to a pay system and I am too cheap to pay and too lazy to look for another free option.  Plus, there didn't seem to be much need or interest in it.  If there is a huge groundswell of protest, I'll bring it back.  (But I don't think there will be.)  I had hoped to update the homeschooling page to reflect what we are actually working on, but that will have to wait for later.

I am feeling much more myself.  Keeping busy and feeling a bit more on top of things helps me not to sit and brood.  And a talking to by ones mother doesn't hurt either.


TJC said…
M, that mask is so cool!
MamaPPod said…
What a good mom for taking pictures of your girls and J. I sent mine out the door without pulling out the camera, and the photo they came home with leaves much to be desired. Seriously, is it so hard to get 4 girls and a dad into the frame of a shot?? Sad that I missed photos of them...

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