Monday, January 03, 2011

Showing off more new dresses

Before Christmas I came across directions for turning a woman's turtleneck sweater into a cowl-neck baby dress.  Because I was sewing pajamas during the entire month of December I didn't get a chance to try it until this past week.  But I made up for lost time, not only did I make two dresses, but I turned some extra sweater bits into matching hats and embroidered snowflakes on them as well.  (There is also a small purse, also with an embroidered snowflake that I'm going to finish and put in the shop, but it's not done yet.)  I should have taken pictures of the sweaters before I cut them up, but let's just say they are in a much nicer form now.  G. and L. wore them to church yesterday and when we came back home I tried to get some pictures of the girls wearing them.  No mean feat, let me tell you.  G. is in red and L. is in black.  And I should have rolled L.'s sleeves back down, but didn't notice it until I was uploading these pictures.  L.'s sleeves unrolled have a nice bell shape to them.


Jenn said...

Wow... those dresses are really cute and those sweet girls are adorable!!

Ann said...

amazing upcycling! You sure you don't want to move to my state where it's all the rage! AND they are adorably cute (dresses--babies go without saying!)

Steffie said...

What a great idea! And so cute!

Kristin Mueller said...

You made those dresses? I had no idea! (and yes you've got me hooked as a reader of your blog) The girls looked so cute in them!! I thought for sure they were a Christmas present from an out-of-town relative who shopped at fancy's amazing how I develop these stories in my head. :)

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