My new sewing area

See what J. built for me?  It's a new sewing table.  My old one was just a small folding sewing table that didn't really have enough room for all my machines and it was always a bit of a puzzle to figure out how to move them around so I could use both of them.  But now any longer.  Now I have a sewing table that both machines fit on and I can get the embroidery unit on and off my sewing machine without having to move the serger.  Plus, there are shelves underneath to keep the things I use all the time close at hand.  Bliss.  (Just pretend you don't notice the peeling, curling wallpaper in background, OK?

And not only do I have a new sewing table, I also have new shelves to store my extra sewing supplies so I don't have to have stuff piled on the sewing table.  That basket on the floor is my mending which I am working my way through.  It had kind of piled-up from when the babies were smaller.

Here's a picture of the entire corner.  I spent Saturday afternoon organizing and putting things in order on my new shelves and finally cutting up all the unwanted clothes I was keeping for fabric.  It is now all folded up and sorted and in a box under my bed as opposed to spilling out of a box all over my floor that I had to walk around.  The whole room looks just a bit more organized and might be the motivation I need to do something... anything... about its general ugliness.  J. and I really do have the ugliest usable room in the house.


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