Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Boys who build

My parents gave TM and D. a pair of really cool building sets for Christmas.  They are a little trickier to build with than Legos, but as a result the item which is built is quite a bit more stable.  (Raise your hand if a child has come running to you to show you his or her newest creation only to have it break apart before you got to see it.)  TM in particular has really taken to building with this new toy.  Not only has he been able to build things for which he has instructions, but he has also been able to look at pictures on the box (for which there are no instructions... why?) and build those as well.  This crane falls in the second category:  built only with a picture to look at.  D. helped out by holding and following TM's directions.

Here it is with the hook down:

And up:

The boys both say, "Thank you Grammy and Grandpa!"


sandwichinwi said...

So..... What are they?!!

The toy, I mean.

LawMommy said...

What are they? Gabe would love this. (Although we are drowining in legos as it is...but he plays with them ALL THE TIME)

TJC said...

They look like Rokenbok.


thecurryseven said...

It's all part of my master plan of trying to solicit more comments by leaving out key pieces of information in my posts. Yeah, right. It's really that I have a non-functioning brain and I forgot I was going to take a picture of the box. Anyway...

It's called Engino: play to invent. And now that I'm looking at the box I see that there are instructions for 50 different models available on their website (www.engino.com). It makes me realize that I never really read the box. I guess we'll have to take a look.


Cuppa Jo said...

Zane is a total builder-man. He got Connectagrams (hearthsong) and Wedgits for his birthday!

TJC said...

And as for why no directions for some of the designs shown on the box, well, I think that is intentional, to get kids to move beyond instructions and into imaginations. My boy does this with Legos--builds a set from the plans once, lets it exist for a day or so, and then rips it apart and builds something from deep inside his brain. It's fun to watch.

Kimberly said...

What a GREAT gift! Lots of fun and brain-power!!

It's such fun too watch their little brans at work!


visiting you from HHH


Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

Those look awesome! My boys love to build, although they aren't at the point of using something like this yet... :)


Ann said...

Which set do you have? these look great for my son Patrick--and his birthday is coming up--I don't want to buy the most expensive set but want to have a big enough set to build what TM built :-) Do you know which size/box number your boys have?

thecurryseven said...

They each have the 50 models. I think TM was able to build the crane with just one set... they combined them a week or so ago so I'm not sure. I do believe there is a picture of the crane on the box, so I think it can be made with one set.


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