Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Controlling CD chaos

I'm probably late to the party on this one and everyone else in the world has already done it, but I have been working on getting rid of all of our CD jewel cases.  I used to love the little jewel cases.  I loved their size and how nicely they lined up on a shelf.  Now?  Not so much.  Especially since I have children who love to listen to CD's, but find it difficult to return the CD to the appropriate case.  And then the cases break, making it that much more difficult to put them away.  It was making me a little crazy looking at all the CD's lying around, not in their cases and I'd had enough.

Because this time of year isn't busy enough, I decided to do something about it right now.  It is satisfying to go from something that looks like this:

 To this:

Much better isn't it.  The children in my home are also happy.  As I was organizing the CD's, they were discovering all sorts of things they had never listened to.  So far, they are staying organized.  Each child made a marker that they use to put in the slot that the disk came out of.  That way I know which child removed a disk if I find it lying around.  It also makes it much easier to remove access to the CD's if they are not put away correctly; all I have to do is pick-up the case and tote it away.  I'm being taken a lot more seriously about the need to keep them put away correctly as a result.

This case is just for children's stories and music.  I still plan on doing our movies and J.'s and my CD's, but since we tend not to leave those things lying about, I don't have quite the pressing need to get it all done.  It is looking as though January will be a great time to tackle the rest.


Cuppa Jo said...

That's exactly what we use! Harper uses her ipod (we download books, music, etc), but Zane has no use for an ipod and loves listening to my "beautiful music" - classical cd's.

His cd player bit the dust last week. Guess what he's getting for Christmas?

sandwichinwi said...

And you got your nifty CD case WHERE? And how many does it hold? I'd need about 10 of them!

Great idea, though. I hate jewel cases, too.


thecurryseven said...

It's by Case Logic and I ordered it from Amazon. (If you order from my Amazon link, I get a percentage back, hint, hint.) The case that the children's disks holds 360. After putting everything in it, including at least 15 Odyssey sets, we still have at least 10 pages of 8 sleeves each left. It is surprisingly not terribly heavy with all the disks in it, but it is heavy enough to deter some small girls from carting it about.


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