Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Schoolroom makeover -- a small beginning

I have finished the new cover I made for the futon in the schoolroom.  (If you want to see what was on it previously, go here.)  I used the former cover as a pattern, but it was tricky because I didn't have enough of the main, striped fabric.  I found it on sale and there wasn't quite enough of it to completely cover the futon.  So I bought some coordinating yellow fabric and crossed my fingers.  I don't enjoy sewing home dec-type projects... I find it stressful.  Clothing?  Even clothing with pleats and boning I'm all over.  But looong straight seams which require nice square corners?  Not so much. 

Without further ado...

Notice the new lamp shade I picked-up at IKEA.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but it is the same colors as the futon fabric.

Other things I have done to make the schoolroom a bit more hospitable:  I took down the ugly mini blinds.  Of course, now I just have empty uncovered windows, but it is not often used as a bedroom so it will do for right now.  I also took out the red rug that didn't really match anything.  The room seems bigger with just the wood floor.  I would like to repaint the trim at some point and make curtains the same shade of green in the fabric and on the most newly painted wall.  It does look much better.  But... (you knew it was coming, didn't you?) I think I have finally put my finger on what it is about the room that I don't like.  It is the lighting, or lack of lighting to be precise.  There is only one small overhead fixture in the room and even with the sun coming in, the room is a bit dim.  I really can't stand dim rooms.  I crave light, especially at this time of year.  Maybe it has something to do with growing up in Arizona, but darkish rooms make me depressed.

At least I know why I don't like to be in the room.  At some point, after saving our pennies, I would love to put-up better lighting.  Or maybe I should just figure out how to rig-up a sunlamp attached to a hat that I could just wear around all the time.  That would be stylish, don't you think?

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