G. (left) and L. (right) were ducks thanks to my mother sending these costumes.  Are they not the cutest little ducks you have ever seen?  And, the little tails are stuffed so that when they walk they look as though they are waddling.  You can see that G. and L. were quite taken with them.

Here is K. dressed as Fillmore the hippie bus from the movie Cars.  Yes, go ahead and oooh and aaah over that bus as much as you like.  That's 12 hours of my life you are looking at.  It was worth it though, because K. loves it and I imagine he will play with it constantly now.

 D. chose to be Johnny Appleseed.
TM was a storm trooper from Star Wars.  M., mask-maker extraordinaire made the mask from milk cartons.  (You can find the instructions here.)  Pretty amazing, huh?  TM got all dressed-up and then decided that there was just too much spookiness around so opted to stay home with me and the babies and watch the plays.  (Some of the houses are pretty spooky, to say nothing of the characters walking along the street.)  I'm glad he knows his limits.

P., inspired by our reading of Tom Sawyer, opted to be Huckleberry Finn.  Notice the bare feet.  Now, it was a somewhat mild day, but as the sun went down and it started to really get chilly she went inside and found some shoes.  Her corncob pipe was created by J. from a corncob we dried.

The older children spent three hours performing plays.  The playbill:

 And the actors:

We taped some of the performances this year... I wish we had thought to do that last year.  (We'll put them on a disk for you, Mom.)  They do such a good job and J. and I were immensely proud of them.



Fire Life said…
Fantastically adorable!!!!! Made me chuckle with joy! Thanks! So happy to have found you through the Hop today!

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