Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Aprons and thankfulness

I often wear an apron when I'm cooking.  As well as protecting my clothing it also helps me to put myself in the right mind-set for working in the kitchen.  The apron I use is very utilitarian and while I like it, I keep meaning to make myself a new one that is a bit more feminine and pretty.  (Once I do, I'll probably still wear my old one for really messy projects.)  But, I'm much better at making things for other people than I am about making things for myself.  Perhaps that is why I loved the idea of National Tie One On Day when I came across it.  Essentially the idea is, you make an apron for someone else, wrap some homemade baked goods up in it, and deliver it to your chosen recipient on the day before Thanksgiving.  How fun would that be to do? 

I love things that support other woman in their profession of homemaking and I love to sew and bake, to it seems perfect.  Can't you imagine how encouraged someone would be to receive such a gift?  You wouldn't even need to sign your name, you could just ring the doorbell and leave happiness in your wake. 

A perfect beginning to your Thanksgiving holiday.


MamaPPod said...

I think that is MUCH better than being "ghosted", don't you?!


Erica said...

What an excellent idea! I too always find it easier to make something for someone other than myself.

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