Tuesday, October 19, 2010


As we read through Minn of the Mississippi, we come across different things that we want to do a little more learning about.  Wood ducklings falling out of the nest and bouncing on the ground to join their mother was one of those things.  (It sounds horrific, doesn't it?  But in actuality it's amazing, and the ducklings are pretty darn cute.) Here is the video we found:

(If you're having trouble viewing this because of how it fits on my blog, double-click on it and a it will open a new window so you can watch it on the YouTube page.)

This is just a short bit from a longer series called Planet Earth, produced by the BBC.  We've had the entire Planet Earth DVD set from Netflix before.  The photography is beautiful and it shows what a truly wondrous place this world is.  (Warning for sensitive viewers:  We are dealing with nature here.  Animal do eat other animals.)

Since this seems to be one of those posts filled with randomness, I'll share something else with you as well.  Recently I was asked to write a brief article about homeschooling.  If you go to this index page, you can click on the link to read it.  There is really nothing extraordinary about the article, unless you consider the fact that I was asked to write about homeschooling in a mere 400 words.  If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that brevity is not one of my strengths.  Four hundred words was a real challenge.

And one last bit of randomness.  Does anyone know how to convert a cassette tape to a digital format?  We have a beloved recording of Glynis Johns (she played the mother in Mary Poppins) reading four Frances stories:  Bread and Jam for Frances, Bedtime for FrancesA Baby Sister for Frances, and A Birthday for Frances.  We love it and when I started it yesterday afternoon for TM to listen to, I noticed that it was sounding not-so-good.  I'm afraid it is not going to last much longer.  A quick search finds that 1. It's seems to be out of publication (print? manufacture?  What's the correct term for audio?) and 2.  There is one used tape available, but it seems it was never remastered into a digital format.  I'm not so keen on buying another cassette, especially a used one.  It only prolongs the problem without solving it.  Help!


Mary said...

Well, I'm so glad you linked to Hip Homeschool Hop; otherwise, I wouldn't have found your lovely blog! I am your newest follower.

Thanks for reminding me about Minn of the Mississippi. I love that series of stories, and it's time to go through them again with my younger ones. :)


Lucy said...

I found this link for cassette conversion http://www.andybrain.com/archive/convert-cassette-to-cd-digital.htm

I haven't use his procedure myself so I can't vouch for it but it seems worth a try. (I have several cassettes I'd like to transfer too).

Mama Bee said...

Following back.

Jason said...

I have a tape deck that I can plug into my computer and transfer cassettes to .wav or .mp3. Be happy to do it for if you like.

thecurryseven said...

Thanks, everyone. With the help of Lucy's comment which directed us to the Andy Brain site, M. has been able to figure it out.

In fact, it has made her week to be given a project which involves computers, cables, and sound mixing.

In-house tech support is a beautiful thing!


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