Saturday, October 16, 2010

For someone who tries to never leave her house...

going downtown twice in one day seems a bit much.  The first trip was to the Art Institute where we were scheduled to go on a field trip to see American art.  There were four families and all of us were studying American history in some form or another.  Over the past 13 years of homeschooling, negative comments or just plain ignorance have significantly declined.  So much so that I'm surprised now when they come.  Such as the question the docent directed at our children:  "So did you not enjoy going to school?"  Oh boy.  I'm afraid the homeschooling movement's cachet did not rise in her estimation when our children all stared at her in an uncomprehending, slack-jawed fashion.  Evidently they are out of practice with ignorant comments as well.  The morning ended up being fine, though it was a very inauspicious start.

We came home from that and after directing everyone toward some lunch, got in the car again to drive downtown.  Does this picture give you any hints as to where I went?

It makes it sound very important, doesn't it?  Actually, I (and P Family mom) were to be interviewed at WMBI about our experiences with adoption for a show that will air during November, which is National Adoption Month.  I feel as though I did fine, though I can't help second-guessing what I said a bit.  Since I hate to listen to myself, I will probably never listen to it.  (It will be just like the DVD I have kicking our house somewhere of when my children's choir performed on a local TV station and I had to be interviewed as well.  I have never sat down to watch it... I find the whole idea just too painful.  On the whole, I think I much prefer radio.)

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