Squeaky shoes and sunny days

I think I mentioned how my friend brought the babies some squeaky shoes from China.  In case you don't know what they are (shoes, not babies), they are children's shoes with a squeaker in the heel, much like a squeaky dog toy.  When the child walks, the heel is depressed and the shoe squeaks.  With each step.  Every single time.  And L. loves her shoes.  Heck, she just loves shoes in general... to the point where she took a pair of shoes to bed with her because she didn't want to let them go.  I think I foresee trouble ahead with her in that department.  Here is a video of L. walking around in her squeaky shoes. 

Some days are so nice that you just have to cancel your regularly scheduled school activities and head outside.  Yesterday was one of those days.  (Though, A., who is reading over my shoulder as I write this, would like to point out that she did all of the work she had scheduled.  Perhaps it was just me that cancelled stuff.)  But when it is warm and sunny and you know that those type of days are drastically numbered, you really need to take advantage of them.  So we headed outside.  The babies played on the slide while B. took their pictures.  Other children were draped various places reading books.  Some were in the tree you see hanging above the van, you just can't see them because of the leaves.  I'm even sitting outside and enjoying my newest library find, Amigurumi Knits, because who doesn't need to know how to knit a toy angler fish or garden snail?  G. is in white and L. is in pink.

G. demonstrating the princess wave.


Anonymous said…
While the video made me laugh out loud I know that were I in your shoes (ouch!) I would be dreaming up ways to 1) somehow have the shoes disappear 2) appropriately thank the giver of said shoes and 3) hide until I could figure out a way to effectively take care of 1).
Patti (from Jud's office)

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