So what do you want to know?

Things here seem pretty under control at the moment... everyone's doing their chores because they're new and different; we have a workable school schedule that we managed to actually stick to for the past two days; my groceries are bought for the week and the canning is done for the year (especially since I'm out of jars and out of space); and with the three-day weekend coming up, I might actually get to spend a little time with my much-neglected sewing machine.  In other words, life is pretty normal, and to my mind, pretty average and unremarkable.  I'm sure blog-able (is that even a word?) events will be happening, but I'm curious as to what you, my dear readers, are interested in reading about.  (Yes, I know you all want pictures of G. and L.  My memory card is full and my in-house tech support has yet to move all the data to a disk so I can take more pictures.  There will be more photos soon.)

Because, in the absence of specific ideas, I'll just have to bore you with how cute my babies are (their first word -- for both of them -- is "Hi!"  which they say to everyone they meet).  Or how K. can now sort buttons by color without any problem, which is something he was unable to do three months ago.  Or how recently, TM has taken to coming up to me and giving me a big hug because he hadn't done that yet today.  Or how we would love to adopt again if we could just figure out how to convince the state of Illinois that it would be a good idea.  Or how my laundry may never, ever be caught up.  Or how incredibly blessed I'm feeling these days to have the husband and children that I do.  You know, stuff like that.


Tad said…
That last paragraph is good stuff. But I'm biased.
Lucy said…
If you're still taking suggestions... I recently plunged into homeschooling with my first-grader. I would love to know how you maintain motivation and discipline during schooling time (as in proper school behavior, not how-to's on spanking ;-)) and keep the littles (2 or 3 year olds) who desperately want to join in, amused, but not interfering.

My 6 year old likes to goof off, mostly to avoid listening to a lesson being read - she can't read yet - I'm trying lots of patience, I don't want to become overbearing and make her hate schooling but we really need to work on focusing on the tasks at hand.

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