Pumpkins? What pumkins?

I don't see anyone hoarding stocking up on pumpkins.  Oh, these?  These are just a few things I picked-up at the store yesterday.  J. called me obsessed in the store.  (It's become our big date recently, going to the store together.  Are we wild, or what?)  I blame it all on the after-effects of last year's pumpkin shortage.  I'm not going to be caught-out again.  What you see is what I consider to be the bare minimum in pumpkin reserves.

So what are we going to do with all this pumpkin?  Well, the pie pumpkins are going to be cooked into puree to be used in pumpkin pie.  (I think pumpkin pie made with fresh pumpkin is the best.)  Have you ever used a pie pumpkin?  The food blog, Annie's Eats has a great tutorial complete with pretty pictures and everything.  So, I'll just send you there instead of recreating it myself.  As if.

Other things we make with pumpkin around here are, of course, pumpkin bread and pumpkin cookies.  But there are also pumpkin scones which are incredibly yummy.  And, if you like that big coffee chain's seasonal pumpkin spice latte, you can use your pumpkin to make it yourself.


Ann said…
So glad to know there are other couples who consider a trip to the grocery store together a date! LOL! happy pumpkin eating! I have a great pumpkin cranberry bread with a glaze--I'll send it to you next time I have it out.
Anonymous said…
Looks like Aldi has pumpkin in stock? I will have to stock up too!
Kim Crawford
thecurryseven said…
Kim -- Yes, the pumpkin is from Aldi.

Ann -- The bread recipe sounds wonderful. (I love cranberries, too.)

sandwichinwi said…
Oh, oh, oh. Trying the pumpkin latte for Tuesday Tea Time today! Hope the kids will like it!


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