Chicken pox

No, no one here has the chicken pox, though four of my children still need to catch them.  This is all about K. and his quirky four-year-old sense of humor.  Did you know the phrase 'chicken pox' is the funniest thing on the face of the earth?  No?  We didn't either until K. pointed it out to us.  Recently he has taken to randomly shouting it at the top of his lungs and laughing uproariously afterward.  It has gotten to the point where we all find the phrase ridiculously funny.

And evidently his best friend, P3, shares K.'s sense of humor, because according to K. they have a running joke.  K. will often inform me or J. that, "I call P3 (though, of course he uses his real name) chicken pox and P3 calls me skinny pig!"  And then proceeds to laugh at the hilarity of it all.  Really K. and P3 are pretty cute when they think something is funny (and even when they don't).  Is Benetton still in business?  Do you think they need a couple of cute laughing models?

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Anonymous said…
My dear Evan has two best friends, one of whom is also adopted. I love watching the boys play. They are also prone to calling each other silly names. Must be the age:)
Kim Crawford
Stevens Family said…
So cute! I can't believe how big K. is getting!! He looks so grown up.
emily barton said…
our version of "chicken pox" followed by hysterical laughter is "chim dumpling" followed by hysterical laughter (a and j are "in to" this lately). it really does crack us up too at this point.

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