Babies who empty shelves

I remember this with each of my babies... the compulsion to empty all shelves of books all the time.  It is the downside of having so many books in the house.  Here is what the babies were up to while I was making meatloaf:

(L. in yellow and G. in pink)

And its the only way to get a picture of these girls.  I try and try to get good pictures and all they do is crawl right up to the camera and try to put the lens cap on the camera.  I end up with a lot of shots of eyes and noses.  They are a lot of fun now with all they can do and seeing their personalities develop, but I kind of miss the days when they were immobile and I could take pictures of them together to my heart's content.  I foresee a lot of  pictures of them tied down strapped into their stroller.


Anonymous said…
What fun! Have they discovered unrolling the toilet paper yet? Or dumping out a whole box of Cheerios?
Anonymous said…
From the picture, I think G. knows full well that she is NOT supposed to be into the books. Ha! Ha! Of course, maybe this way they will be early readers!
Kim Crawford
Anonymous said…
Looking closer at the pic I noticed all of the Vietnamese cookbooks. So far, I have only mastered spring rolls. I need to learn to make PHO because it is Evan's favorite.
Kim Crawford
sandwichinwi said…
"Here is what the babies were up to while I was making meatloaf"

This just struck me as the most hilarious phrase!!

It looks like they play nicely together!

Love the baby fix.

Lauren said…
Another method to photograph your wiggly babies is to incorporate bigger people in the picture. if they are cuddling with older siblings or with you and J, you may have better luck. They still won't be still for long, but maybe you'll get one or two pictures! :)

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