15 months

The girls turned 15 months old a week ago today.  L. is walking everywhere all the time and G. is starting to take more and more steps... no doubt to keep up with her sister.  Here are some baby pictures from yesterday.  (I can still call them babies, right?)  L. is in blue and G. is in orange.

In other family news, M. has decided that she is going to teach herself cake decorating.  Here are her first attempts at decorating cupcakes.  Not bad, huh?  I think that her brothers and sisters are going to like this new hobby of hers very much.


asian~treasures said…
I love the tic-tac-toe cupcake.

(And, yes, you can still call them babies!)

Archer said…
Was looking through the old blog posts and this one popped up. Little did I know that teaching myself the basics of cake decorating would come in handy later down the road.

Prop cake? Expertly frosted with joint compound.

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