Time for more baby pictures -- and the giveaway winner

Since so many people commented on the giveaway post that they enjoy seeing pictures of the babies, I thought I would indulge you a bit.

Here are TM and L. looking at a book together:

G. and L. are still not walking, though they love to 'walk' holding someone's hands (L. in green and G. in orange):

They are happy, happy babies, who love to smile and wave:

G. is particularly good at waving.  When she doesn't have her thumb in her mouth, that is:

This picture gives you a better sense of their grins:

I love taking them out in the stroller; it almost feels as though it is a public service.  They sit side by side and grin and wave at people and people look at them and smile back, looking much happier than when we first approached.  It has its dangers, though.  Two days ago, the girls very nearly caused an auto accident.  We were at a corner waiting for a light to change, when the driver of a car making a left turn caught sight of them and stopped mid-turn to stare and smile back.  She then caught herself and resumed driving.  At least there were no oncoming cars at that point.

They can also be very silly:

I love it when they do the same thing at the same time:

And here is an example of why I was so glad when my friend, Amy, brought by a play yard this morning:

Except that this is a very mild example because L. is sitting still (a rare occurrence) and they are not going at top speed.  They tend to travel together, but they are fast and stealthy so it is not immediately noticeable that they have slipped away.  Yeah for the baby corral, my new best friend.

And finally, I am happy to announce the winner of the highly technological drawing (slips of paper drawn by A. out of a basket) for the $40 gift certificate is...

The Fam, commenter number 3!  I will email you with the information.  Congratulations. 


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