Oh, what a beautiful morning! -- our last day

I'm beginning to worry that posting endless vacation pictures and stories is the electronic equivalent of being invited to someone's house for dinner and then being hijacked into viewing their vacation slides.  Of course, you can leave at any time and I will never know.  And you didn't get dinner...

This remains the best way to share pictures with my family, so the rest of you will all have to survive one more vacation post.  On our last morning we finally awoke to sun!  We were able to make pancakes:

And many cousins thought it was fun to continually make the babies' hair go into a Mohawk.  This is L.:

And of course there was a lot of other baby love happening:

For lunch we decided to take a picnic to a place called Thunder Rocks.  It turned out to be so fun that we spent the rest of the day there.  Beautiful, isn't it?

All those big rocks were easily imagined into castles and houses and ships.  Many children spent quite a few happy hours playing long, imaginary games.  But it wasn't just the smaller people who were happy.  Some bigger people were pretty content as well.  See...

What are they all looking at?

Well, those rocks weren't good only for imaginary games.  They were also excellent for climbing.  Being the prepared sorts that they are, J. and his brother had packed their rock climbing equipment.  Everyone who wanted to, got a chance to climb.  Here's D.:

See, everyone's all roped in and harnessed.  J. was belaying.

And here's P.:

And here's B., who is in the middle of changing his shoes.  He started up and then realized that perhaps his sneakers were not the best choice of footwear, so changed into rock climbing shoes mid-climb.

I don't climb, but I came prepared with some knitting.  And what did the babies do?  Well, they alternately nursed and sat in their prisons chairs.  It never ceases to amaze me how many parents of twins there are out there.  While we were sitting there, watching everyone climb, I met three or four other parents of multiples.  The first question other parents of multiples ask is, "Are they sleeping?"  It is such a relief to be able to answer, "YES!"  (Except when sleeping in a tent, that is.)


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