Navel gazing

I've been doing a lot of thinking recently about why I blog and if I need to worry about increasing my blog readership.  On a certain level it is an incredibly narcissistic endeavor, and while that is not my mode of operation in real life, we all know the virtual world can be an enabler for some less than desirable behavior.  I began to fret that my main purpose in blogging was to fulfill some deep seated desire to be popular; probably leftover angst from having attended junior high.

But, as I thought about it, I decided that I really do have other reasons for blogging.  Some of these reasons, such as keeping my family up-to-date on our doings, do not require a bigger audience.  In fact, trying to get a bigger audience for that type of blog would seem a bit odd (to me at least).  But I write about more than just what my family is up to.  Depending on how it's divided up, I write about five other main subjects:

  • Homemaking and parenting
  • Adoption
  • Large families
  • Homeschooling
  • Christianity
So why do I write about these things?  Because I want other people to see that there are other ways to live and raise one's family than just how "everyone else" does it.  That it's OK to choose a different path and perhaps that different path is more than OK.  I hope that by sharing how my large, somewhat goofy family lives and thrives that it will encourage others to consider being open to more children.  Maybe even children whom others have deemed imperfect or not valuable.  I want to support those women who have chosen homemaking as a career.  We need all the support we can get since so few voices are saying homemaking is a valid and valuable option.  And finally, my main goal in everything I do, is to point to Jesus.  My faith underlies every decision I make, with my sole purpose being to honor my Lord and Savior.  (For a truly remarkable example of a family living to glorify Jesus, check out my in-real-life-friend's blog, His Hands His Feet and meet their newest daughter.)

Reading all this makes me realize how far short of these lofty goals I regularly fall.  But I cannot succeed if I never try, so I will continue trying.  And I find that it's OK to want others to read this.  I know I gain great support and often some great parenting tips by reading other mom's blogs.  I'd like to think I can offer that kind of support myself.


Nicki said…
GREAT post. I know I, and probably many others, share these same thoughts all the time. I love reading your blog and hope you'll keep sharing!
Anonymous said…
I love reading your blog. I value the same issues and enjoy sharing your situations. It is encouraging to me - a carear homemaker - who often feels I am failing to gain encouragement and comradery from your blog. Thanks for writing. EL
Gretchen said…
I don't know if I've ever commented on your blog, but read it faithfully. It is inspiring to me as we start only our 3rd year of homeschooling to read about others who are further ahead in that journey. I also love the posts on being a career homemaker- I love how that is phrased! Thanks so much for sharing your heart for Jesus and for children with your is so encouraging to me!!
thecurryseven said…
Thank you everyone for your kind and supportive comments. I really appreciate them!

jan said…
i too love your writing -- especially as a Christian mom to six homeschooled kiddos of which three are adopted :)

thanks for making the time for us... xoxo

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