Lest you think I have it all together

The beauty of writing a blog is that I can edit my life to make it appear that I live an always picked-up, calm and serene existence.  Since this really is not the case, I like to disabuse you of this notion every so often.  Take my dining room table for example.  Here is what is currently gracing it at the moment:

Yes, those are dead cone flowers and yes, they are still sitting on my table.  They looked very nice a couple of weeks ago when A. picked them when M. and B. came home.  Now?  Not so much.  But there they sit because I don't notice them or think about them until we are actually sitting down to dinner.  Then I will say something like, "Boy, I should do something about those flowers."  Everyone agrees and we eat dinner.  After leaving the table, I forget about them again and the same scene is played out the next evening.  And really, I'll do something about them soon.

Houseplants suffer the same fate in my hands and eventually all end up looking like those flowers up there.  I have stopped trying to grow them because I just can't remember to think about them.  Perhaps it's because I'm so busy thinking about all the small people in my house; there is just no brain space left for other things.  And it's not just the feeding and diaper changing that take up my thoughts, I also dither about other, more tangential things related to my children.  Such as what they put on their feet.  After a ridiculous number of hours, I finally settled on these baby shoes:

White classic baby walkers with laces.  I love them and they cannot be removed by little hands, even though both girls have given it a valiant try.  (My friend brought them each a pair of squeaky shoes from China which velcro, and though the girls love them, the shoes don't stay on their feet for very long.)  But I also can't help wondering if I really needed to expend such effort on finding them just the right shoes.

Here is another view of both girls in their new shoes and in a set of my favorite dresses.  G. is on the left and L. is on the right and I'm making an absolutely ridiculous face.  Just ignore that part of the picture.


Stevens Family said…
Oh the girls are getting so big! Love the cute little shoes. I'm trying to get back into checking the blogs and updating my own more regularly now that we're all moved and settled in. Hope all is well with you guys.

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