Up, up, and away

Many people that I care about are leaving on planes today to go to far off places.  First, M. and her team fly today to Samoa by way of Denver and LA.  We received a stack of letters from her yesterday; it was so nice to hear from her.  She is doing well.  These two weeks of training have turned out to be a good experience which she has ended up enjoying.  It sounds as though she has some wonderful leaders and teammates (previously mentioned tent-mate aside).  They have been learning basic construction techniques as well as doing team building exercises.  She has had classes in layout, carpentry, trusses and bricklaying.  In her letter she was very excited to announce that the cinder block wall she and a teammate constructed had been judged the best wall the teacher had ever seen students built.  A picture was taken of it so she can show me this marvel when she returns home.  They have also been doing puppetry, some drama, and music.  Evidently, the team has some pretty good voices and have received quite a few compiments on how the sound.

The other thing that has contributed to M.'s well-being is that tent-mates were rotated for the second week so M. has a more agreeable living situation.  The more I learn about the former tent-mate, the more concerned I am for her.  She and her family definitely sound as though they need as many prayers as they can get.

Also flying today are some of the H-S family, who I just dropped off at the airport.  They (parents, 17yo daughter [AL], and 7yo son [ZG]) are travelling to China to adopt their newest 8yo son [ZT].  They will also be visiting ZG's foster parents while they are there.  The other H-S children will be at home tended by their oldest sister who is also on a plane today flying in from Seattle.  They will spend the day here until she arrives.  I expect we will be having them over quite a bit over the course of the next three weeks.

Once everyone has landed in their respective destinations, I will rest easier.  The trouble with long international flights is just that:  they are long; both for the people in the plane and those left on the ground.


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