They're not little, tiny babies anymore, are they?

B. took a whole series of pictures of the babies last night.  They are looking more and more like toddlers and less and less like infants.  (sniff)  G. is in pink and L. is in white.

And as a public service announcement:  If you agree to host a sleepover for your daughter and three of her friends, it is perhaps not a wonderful idea to have it right after you pick the four of them up from a youth group event where they were playing messy games and were told to wear old clothes they didn't care about.  I only realized what I had done when I went to pick them up and the four of them came out of the church each carrying a plastic bag that they could use to sit on in the car.  It would have been useful to have four showers last night.  There is also a bathtub full of four sets of fairly disgusting clothes which are soaking upstairs.


MamaPPod said…
You are wonderful for hosting said messy sleepover!! Thank you for dealing with the mess, which right now is sloshing in my washer.
Jason said…
Some of us were laughing last night about what a terrible idea it would be to do messy games at a lock-in.

Sorry we didn't have a good place to hose everyone down before we sent them home!
Annette said…
Love the pics of the girls! I can't wait to meet you and your family. :-)

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