Friday, July 16, 2010

Poor Guido

I've mentioned before how K. is a huge fan of the movie Cars.  Consequently we own a lot of Cars-themed stuff, including quite a few of the car characters.  They are much played with and toted around from here to there.  The problem with them being toted everywhere is that they have a tendency to get lost.  (This toting only happens in the house.  I learned long ago to not ever let beloved toys be carried around as we are out and about; it's just not worth the trauma.)  After a while, the missing car will turn up again and there will be great rejoicing.  The little forklift, Guido, has this happen to him more often than the others.  He is very, very small and it is very easy to set him down and lose him.  But this does not explain why J. found Guido in the toaster the other day.  Yes, there was a small die-cast metal toy in our toaster and he had obviously gone through more than a couple of toastings.  It is a small miracle that Guido did not cause a small electrical fire.  Guido even survived the experience, though he is going to have to find other employment.  His days as a functioning forklift are over since he is now missing the forks which lift.  Evidently they were made out of plastic, not metal and they melted away.  I'm just not going to think about what that did to the inside of our toaster.

I still don't know how Guido ended up in the toaster or who put him there.  No one claims to have any knowledge what so ever.  My money is on K.  He loves to cook in his play kitchen and I can imagine him imagining that Guido would like a piece of toast... or was a piece of toast.  It's hard to know what goes on inside that little head sometimes.

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