Friday, July 02, 2010

M. update

We received a letter from M. in the mail today!  She sounds as though she is doing well.  She is tired, hot, and perhaps a bit homesick, but seems to weathering the experience well.  I have a prayer request for her, though.  Her tent mate, A., is the one person on the Samoa team who is not there voluntarily.  It sounds as though TMI was one of two choices given to her by her parents, with the other choice being not a wonderful option.  As a result, she is doing everything she can to be sent home.  Since M. has to live with the situation, I would ask that you pray for M. to be filled with patience and grace toward her tent mate and also to pray for A., that what ever is happening with her spiritually and emotionally be healed. 

It was so nice to get a letter and know that she is managing.  The training in Florida was always the piece I was most nervous about for her as I looked at the schedule.

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