Happy Birthday, B., G., and L!

G. (on left) and L. turn one year old today,

and B. (here with his cousin) turns 15.

Boy, this past year has gone by quickly.  Or perhaps, it just feels that way since I spent a good part of it significantly sleep deprived.  Either way, my tiny little babies are now crawling, personality-filled, little balls of energy.  They continue to be so much fun and I'm so madly in love with them.  I am in no hurry for them to grow-up and I am relishing their baby-ness.  With my older children I was always looking forward to the next milestone, not fully aware how fast they would each come.  But 15 and 17 come so fast, and I want to enjoy every minute I have with these babies... yes, even the sleepless nights.

Because I will blink and they will be turning 15 just like their older brother, B., whom I am also madly in love with.  He is becoming such a wonderful young man... funny, thoughtful, helpful, a great cook and gardener, and a pleasure to have around.  I can't wait to see what he does in the future.  And did I mention we call him "The Baby Whisperer"?  He loves babies and can calm a fussy one with remarkable ease; he is completely unflappable.  It is a joy to watch.

I do admit to finding birthdays a bit bittersweet, though.  I really don't mind my own; I am not bothered by getting older.  (It just allows me to be more opinionated.  OK, perhaps I can't become more opinionated, but gives me more license for my opinions.)  But, I don't like the thought that my babies (all 9 of them) are one year older and that much closer to being adults and being out on their own.  I want a time travel machine!


LawMommy said…
Happy Birthday to G, L & B!

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