Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Adding two more

No, don't get all excited, not two more children, but two house guests.  A single-mom friend of ours called a while back asking if we would consider allowing her and one of her daughters to move into our guest room for the summer.  Financially it would help them out considerably.  It will help me out as well.  With M. leaving in 22 (!) days for most of the summer, having two more pairs of able-bodied hands will be a help.  So now we are in preparation mode... cleaning the guest room, clearing space in the pantry so they have room to store their food, getting caught up on the laundry (or at least trying to... this will be my motivation to reform my somewhat slovenly laundry habits), working out plans for how this living arrangement will work, finding clean towels (see laundry note above), and other such things.

We would appreciate your prayers that our summer arrangement would be a positive experience for all and for loving and Godly communication and understanding between all members of the household.

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