Utter insanity

One of the common questions that is asked of me when people find out that I have 9 children and that I homeschool is:  What do you do with the preschoolers while you are working with the older children?  Well, the answer, if yesterday is anything to go by, is absolutely nothing.  So much nothing that the 4 year old was able to find a marker and draw on himself, his clothes, and his bedroom wall before he was discovered.  Argh!  Today, I had a better plan for him and kept him occupied and in sight at all times.

But this does not count as the 'utter insanity' reference.  The marker incident was merely typical, run-of-the-mill chaos... barely worth blogging about.  No, the 'utter insanity' refers to me and my delusional assumptions of what I am capable of.  You see, I have a good friend who forwards me notices about children who need homes, and yesterday she sent me one about four siblings, 7 and under, who may need an adoptive family.  For a moment (well, if I'm honest, more than a moment), I thought, "I could do that".  This was even after the marker episode.  But, my reason gets the better of me, and I think about what nine children 7 and under would look like. 

Don't panic, Mom!  Remember that we live in Illinois and it would take an act of God to get DCFS to give us the requisite foster care license.  I'll tell you what I told J., when I idly mentioned it to him:  find a paper bag and breath... breath... breath...


You are SO my friend! lol!
Anonymous said…
I also received the e-mail about the kids in need of a home and you are the one family I thought about sending it on to. Not sure what that says about me, but it clearly shows that I think you can do anything.
Patti (from Jud's office)
a Tonggu Momma said…
Oh, my sister would so identify with this post. She has four children and homeschooled for years with "bigs" and "littles."

(And your two additions to the list made me tear up... and we DO have a photo of a FedEx carrier in our house. Heh.)
MamaPPod said…
Yeah, I had the same thought, although Pete said he wouldn't want another 7 year old girl around the house!! But the littler girls?? How fun would that be?! Yeah, in our case it's a good thing we live in Illinois.
Amanda said…
I can certainly feel for you on the sibling group. We are trying to adopt again. Hoping for siblings, as many as 3. We can find a social worker who will approve us because of our 2 little ones who are 5, but 2-3 years delayed for orphanage life/cerebral palsy. (I can do run on sentences too.) We are actually reverting back to DSS since we only have 3 kids right now. I'm hoping we find some kids soon. We have been looking for a year now and can't even find the right path.

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