Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mango pudding

One of the things that we have enjoyed about our yearly history co-op feasts is finding new recipes which we wouldn't normally come across.  (This works both ways, with some historical eras having better food than others.)  This mango pudding is one of the good ones.  We first had it quite a few years ago when we were studying ancient Egypt, and it has been a family favorite ever since.  Mangoes, while never cheap, are at their most reasonable this time of year.  Look for the smaller, yellow mangoes.  They are less stringy than the larger greenish red ones.

Mango Pudding (the actual recipe was called 'mango cup')

6-8 ripe mangoes, cut into chunks (do not use the skin)
1 1/2 - 2 cups milk

Put everything into a blender and mix until smooth.  I adjust the amounts until it is the consistency I want...if you make it thinner, it could be more like a shake.  Chill until ready to serve.  The original recipe also calls for pistachios to be sprinkled on top, though we prefer it without them.



LawMommy said...

Lana loves the small yellow mangoes. (I think they are called "champagne" mangoes at our market.)

Mangoes (the big orange/green ones) were one of the first things that Lana asked for after we brought her home. (I think she was at the fruit and vegetable market with my husband and she ran over and picked one up and then said, "eat please!" It was crazy expensive because it was winter but he bought it for her because she asked for so little back then. I can only conclude she ate them with her foster family on occasion.

She likes it when I make a mango "shake" with chopped mango and vanilla yogurt. I will have to try this recipe and see if she enjoys it.

Anonymous said...

I so appreciated your description of the mangos. So today I went and got the smaller "manila" yellow mangos 3 for $1 at Market Place on Oakton instead of the case of the larger green/red 12 for $3.99. The grocery store was the one that called them "Manila" Mangos. The worker there told me that they were the better tasting mangos too.

I appreciate the tip on which fruit is best to buy - I don't always know.

Now to try out the recipe.


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