Monday, May 17, 2010

Any reason to dress in a costume

I've mentioned before how much our children love to dress up in costumes. There have been many mystery parties, and shows, and more shows, and history feasts. P17, is now P18, having celebrated a birthday earlier this month. To surprise her, her friends planned a mystery party, set in the '30's. Here is the group (yes, M. is dressed as a boy...the game was for 4 boys and 4 girls...M. graciously volunteered to take one of the male parts):

Then today, A. had a mystery party of her own to go to. Some younger sisters of the group above, no doubt not wanting to be left out, planned and wrote their own. It is set in the '20's and A.'s part was as a young widow:

Someday we adults will have to have one of our own. Listening in (which we get to do, since they are always here) it always sounds as if everyone is having a fabulous time. Plus, they usually involve pretty dresses and lots of food...what's not to like?


Cuppa Jo said...

I used to get paid for doing these parties . . . it was during my "take any role (within reason) for money" years.

1920's flapper . . . I was the murderer.


I got paid cash and free pie (it was at the old Quigley's in Mundelein - or somewhere out there)

Anonymous said...

I love these parties and the planning and socializing that goes into this. How fun. I'm glad the younger kids did something as well. Yes, I agree - we should have a party for kids of all ages (I am including us older kids in this statement). EL

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